Oral hygiene is often overlooked until you notice something like a toothache or more serious problem. Going to the dentist can be scary, especially if you do not make a regular habit of it. Making time in your busy schedule to get a cleaning every six months can often seem like an impossibility, especially if you do not like going in the first place. Proper dental care, however, is an important part of your overall health, and neglecting your mouth can lead to serious diseases and even the loss of your teeth. At Just Clean Smiles, we understand that many of our patients would rather be just about anywhere other than the dentist’s chair. That is why we take special care to get to know each and every one of our patients before we even take a look at your teeth. Whether you are sensitive to pain, want to get the cleaning done quickly, or just need a comforting hand to hold during the process, we will put you at ease so that coming to the dentist will be a treat rather than a chore.

Many of our clients come to us in need of serious dental reconstruction. We have extensive experience with fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, and other oral surgeries. Our approach is to take the mystery out of the process. If, for example, you need teeth pulled and require partial dentures, we take the time to explain every step of the procedure, from how the anesthesia will feel to how to properly manage the recovery process.

If you are in search of a full service complete dental care office, look no further than Just Clean Smiles Peralta in the Los Lunas area in New Mexico.