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Have you heard about the exciting new flossing tool called water flossers? Water flossers are proven to be effective at cleaning between your teeth and deep along the gumline. In fact, many people find water flossers easy to use and efficient, which is why they are becoming more and more popular each day.

Our dentists, Dr. David Manzanares and Dr. James Stewart with Just Clean Smiles in Peralta, New Mexico, care about your oral health and encourages people to brush and floss regularly. If you struggle with traditional floss and are interested in trying a new flossing tool, then here are some facts about water flossers and how they can help you:

-Because not all water flosser products are the same, you should speak with your dentist to learn which products will work the best.

-Does flossing between your teeth cause you problems or pain? There is no thread used with water flossers, so you may want to consider switching over.

-Water flossers are desirable interdental cleaners because they can safely clean between teeth by using jets of water only.

-Your risk of plaque buildup and tooth decay can be drastically decreased through the use of a water flosser. In addition, studies have shown that water flossers are beneficial for preventing gum disease.

-Do you have any oral health care treatments already present in your mouth such as bridges or dental crowns? Do not worry, as they will not get in the way of a water flosser treatment.

Water flossers are an excellent tool to use for you and your family. Remember, any dental flossing tool is better than not flossing at all. If you have questions about your oral health, or if you need your semi-annual dental checkup, please call us today at 505-565-0609 to make an appointment.