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Even if you suspect your halitosis, also known as bad breath is being caused by an issue within your body, there are numerous causes that you may not often think about. Underlying issues deep within the body could be causing your bad breath, as well as medications you’re taking, foods you’re eating, and poor oral hygiene issues.

To keep your smile healthy, it is important to understand the risk that food can produce in regard to odor-causing bad breath ailments. In addition, medications you may be taking can reduce bad breath as a side effect. Thus, it is important to always practice effective oral hygiene routines to keep your mouth clean every single day.

Although smoking and chewing tobacco are often associated with smelly clothing and bad breath, they also cause numerous other oral health ailments. They are responsible for causing tooth loss and cancer if you’re not careful. Thus, avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking chewing tobacco. In addition, infections such as gum disease and toothaches can also contribute to bad breath. For this reason, it is important to visit your dentist to make sure oral health care is assessed so any treatments that you need are given to keep your smile safe.

Bad breath often arises due to foul odors emanating from your mouth, but bad breath does not always originate in your mouth. In some instances, deep abnormalities within your body can be the cause of your bad breath. This can include liver problems, respiratory tract infections, and kidney issues.

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