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How comfy are you with your oral health care? As you age, do you feel you’re doing enough or do you think you’ll need to improve your tactics? Generally, you will need to improve your oral health care as you age because techniques that may have been beneficial when you were younger will need to be may not work as well when you are older. For starters, focus on improving your oral hygiene habits and your diet.

Have you thought about the tools that you’re using for your oral hygiene routines? If you’re using any products that may be stiff or worn down, you could be causing damage to your teeth through increased abrasion. Because dental abrasion is a significant risk from some oral health care products, you should always brush with soft-bristled toothbrushes and use dental floss that is shred-resistant.

An important part of caring for your smile correctly is setting forth an effective game plan to help minimize and address the risks associated with unhealthy food choices. Foods and drinks that are highly acidic or that cause dental erosion should be limited or avoided as much as possible. As an alternative, focus on nutritious meals that are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus. In addition, you should avoid snacking throughout the day as it increases the amount of time food particles are in contact with your teeth and gums. The longer that foods are in contact with your smile, the greater the chance for plaque buildup, which is a known risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

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