Whether it results from poor dental health, genetic disease, malnutrition, or simply aging, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary. While this is a devastating prospect, partial or full dentures can return your smile to its former brilliance. Our team at Just Clean Smiles approaches tooth replacement with the same reverence that we give all of your oral care services. Your new removable teeth require the same attention and maintenance that your real ones do, and we teach all of our patients proper tooth care procedures.

When you have dentures, you need to pay special attention to your jaw bone, especially after extractions. This will inevitably require numerous follow-up visits to guarantee that your new dental fixture is properly fitted. The first few days are key, and that is why it is so important that you have a dentist whom you trust. We work around your schedule to ensure that you can check in with us for appointments. Follow up care is very important to ensure a proper fit.

Many people are wary of extracting teeth and getting dentures, and instead choose painful surgeries with prolonged recovery times. We understand the desire to keep your mouth in its original condition, but we also know that dentures are often the best option when it comes to maintaining a high quality of life. We work with cutting-edge manufacturers to get the best dentures on the market at the most affordable prices so you can smile with confidence again. Depending on your needs and the extent of your tooth loss, we may recommend full or partial dentures, and our dentists will gladly explain the benefits of each.

We provide our patients with high-quality dentures in Peralta, New Mexico. Contact us today at 505-565-0609 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Manzanares or Dr. Stewart. We will walk you through the whole process and take the time to carefully explain the results to you.